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Practice Areas

Personal Injury -

            When people are injured through the fault of another the law provides they are entitled to compensation.  The attorneys of the firm of Dugger and Cole represent ordinary people who are injured in an automobile accident, wrongful death, defective product, accident at work, slip and fall, dog bites, or any type of accident where people are injured through the fault of another.   The attorneys work diligently on your case to allow you to recover the most money you legally entitled.  Our fee is a contingent fee on most cases, meaning we only receive a fee if you win.

Estate Planning - Probate

                        A lot of people are scared and misinformed about what will happen to their property, or that of a loved one upon death.  Will it go to the State?  Must I have a will?  What happens to my property at my death if I don’t have a will?  When a loved one dies, what steps are necessary to wind up their affairs? With proper estate planning, these  and other questions  will be answered and your property given to the rightful person.   

            The attorneys at Dugger and Cole can guide you through the sometimes complicated paperwork necessary to handle your loved one’s estate and conclude their affairs.  They can advise you on the planning the disposition of your own property to make sure your  property is given to the rightful owner free of hassle.

Bankruptcy -

             For more than twenty-eight years, Mark Dugger has counseled clients with overwhelming debts.  He has listened to clients who have literally broken down in his office because of insurmountable debt and the burden it has put on their job and family.  He has listened to clients complain about the harassing and intimidating phone calls and letters they receive from collection agencies and creditors.  He has helped clients to find solutions to their financial woes whether through Chapter 7 bankruptcy (where the debts are wiped clean and the debtor gets a fresh start) or Chapter 13 bankruptcy (where the debtor tries to pay back their debts at a rate they can afford).  He listens to the client, helping find solutions for those with overwhelming debts.

          Kathryn Dugger-Edwards also counsels clients with overwhelming debts, and helps them find solutions for filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or maybe not even filing at all.

Real Estate - Loan Closings

            For more than twenty-five years Kathryn J. Dugger-Edwards can help you with any problem concerning your land.  Whether it is a loan closing, boundary line dispute, water rights dispute, right-of-way dispute, subdivision regulations,Landlord/tenant dispute, condominium regulations, zoning, lease or rental agreement, condemnation by the state or private individuals, buying or selling of real estate, liens or encumbrances, title insurance, timber cut from your property, nuisance from noisy neighbors or any other problem with your land.  Or do you just need us to prepare a deed to sell your property or buying property.  Before buying that piece of land, have Kathy check out the title to make sure there are no prior outstanding debts owed against the land.

Insurance Disputes -

             Though most people have insurance, a majority of them don’t understand what things are covered under their  insurance policy.  Whether it is automobile, homeowners or any other type of insurance, our attorneys will sit down with you, go over the policy and offer help.  We have successfully litigated numerous disputes with insurance companies concerning the interpretation of their policy.

Family Law -

            In a small town, an attorney cannot help but practice family law.  The attorneys at Dugger and Cole handle numerous problems associated with family law - divorces, child support, custody, property divisions, alimony, paternity, adoption or visitation issues and serving as guardian ad litems for children. The attorneys at Dugger and Cole can sit down and talk to you about these matters.


Juvenile -

            Kathryn Dugger-Edwards has handled matters in Juvenile Court for twenty-five years in termination of parental rights, dependent/neglect, and unruly cases.



Tennessee Appellate Courts -

           The attorneys at Dugger & Cole handles cases at the Tennessee Court of Appeals and Tennessee Supreme Court.  If you're not satisfied with a judge's decision, give us a call to see if we can initiate an appeal for your case.



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